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You can permanently reduce unwanted body hair, quickly and easily, with proven long-term results. Conveniently obtain the ease, beauty and confidence of smooth, hair free skin through AestheticA Skin Health Center's customized Hair Removal treatment program.

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Our Madison WI Center began offering laser Hair Removal treatments (LHR) in 1999. Within two years, we expanded our offering of this well-received treatment into our Appleton WI Center. Treatment technology evolved quickly and by 2002, we had another treatment option to provide clients...Intense-Pulsed Light (IPL) Hair Removal treatments. While LHR treatments produced highly satisfactory results, IPL fast became the more popular choice for clients, as it provided a quicker, less painful and less expensive approach to removing their unwanted hair. Today, we offer Hair Removal Appleton WI and Hair Removal Madison WI both in the form of IPL hair removal only.


Each of your hair follicles is in one of 3 stages of growth at any given time. The "active growth" (anagen) phase, "regressive" (categen) phase, and "resting" (telogen) phase.

The treatment is most effective at disabling "actively growing" hairs during treatment, because it is during the anagen phase that the hair shaft contains the greatest abundance of melanin, the target of the IPL light. The duration of any one growth cycle varies slightly by body area causing many hair follicles to be in their resting or regressive stages at any given time.


To treat every hair follicle in its susceptible growth phase a series of IPL hair removal treatments are typically scheduled at 4-8 week intervals.  Our medical aesthetics specialist will provide you with their recommendations for treatment intervals and quantity of treatments during your consultation. AestheticA Skin Health Center offers package pricing for any treatment area, available in a series of 3, 4 or 6 treatments.


At our WI clinics, Hair Removal treatments are performed on any area of the body where the hair follicle contains melanin (color). Those areas with hair follicles that are brown or black and coarse are most successfully treated with IPL Hair Removal Therapy.Sorry blondes, this is one time where brunettes have more fun!


IPL provides a long-term reduction in unwanted hair-no more shaving, waxing, or tweezing. These old-school hair removal techniques can lead to razor burn, nicks, ingrown hair, and skin irritation. IPL Hair Removal is quick, and effective. Hair is gone immediately and the slight redness post treatment typically subsides within the hour.


It is important to remember that these treatments target melanin (color) this means that:

  • IPL Hair Removal will not work on Blonde or Grey Hair.
  • Precautions must be taken when treating dark complexions.
  • There is significant permanent hair reduction, but just as all other forms of laser and non-laser hair removal treatment options, IPL does not produce 100% permanent hair removal. 

At your consultation within one of our WI Hair Removal centers our medical aesthetics specialist will determine if your skin type and hair is eligible for treatment with IPL as well as provide you with the necessary instructions to protect your skin from the sun prior to and following your IPL treatments. 


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