Practice Philosophies - AestheticA Skin Health Center
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Practice Philosophies

Practice Philosophies

We at AestheticA Skin Health Center and Parfitt Facial Cosmetic Surgery Center:

  • respect your right to privacy
  • will treat you as a family member or good friend would be treated
  • are intent on doing our part in improving the quality of your life
  • are not content in having you like us; we want you to love us
  • recognize that you have a unique situation and unique needs; we will discover those by asking the right questions and LISTENING to your answers
  • offer only those services that have a high probability of working consistently well
  • are intent on delivering products and services that you might find elsewhere, in a more impressive way; providing you with a better experience here than you can find anywhere else. Strive to have the best reputation among all similar clinics in the Midwest – our reputation is our greatest asset
  • anticipate that you will develop a life-long relationship with our clinic, and want to keep you happy and satisfied the whole time
  • expect you to have such consistently good experiences at our clinic that you’ll want to share your experience with others

As a client of AestheticA Skin Health Center and/or Parfitt Facial Cosmetic Surgery Center, you:

  • are a priority
  • will be treated with thoughtfulness, respect and consideration by all staff
  • can ask as many questions as you like — we take pride in our knowledge and love sharing it with our customers
  • are being treated by people who are passionate about being the best at what they do
  • will experience unique, sincere and honest personalities in our staff
  • can expect our staff to accept only the highest standards of quality and excellence
  • can expect us to take action immediately based on what we hear from you and apply what we’ve learned to your and future customer’s experience — you make the experience of all our customers better by giving us feedback


If you would like more information or are interested in nonsurgical cosmetic procedures, skin rejuvenation treatments or skin care products at AestheticA Skin Health Center, schedule a consultation or appointment at one of our Wisconsin office locations. Please call our Madison/Middleton office at 608.831.4007, or Appleton office at 920.730.1309.