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Practice Policies

Practice Policies


To ensure the quality, sanitation, and safety of the medical-grade products we prescribe, AestheticA maintains the following policies:



An unopened, sealed product may be exchanged within 7 days of original purchase. Any difference in cost will be credited or charged to the client at the time of the exchange.



An unopened, sealed product may be returned for a full refund of the purchase price within 7 days of original purchase. The refund will be processed in the original form of payment. If paid by check, we must confirm that the check has cleared with the bank prior to issuing a refund. Refunds will result in the reversal of AestheticAppreciation points earned on the day of original purchase.

Alternatively, the client may choose to have an in-clinic credit issued, which would remain on file until the client is ready to apply the credit toward a future product or treatment purchase at AestheticA.



When first opened, if a product’s container appears to be damaged or defective in a way that may inhibit the use of the product or affect its potency, please contact us immediately. Upon review by AestheticA, the product may be eligible for a replacement of the same item. AestheticA is not responsible for any product that is not used prior to expiration, properly handled, closed or stored by the client, any of which may inhibit the use of the product and/or affect the product’s potency.


Exception to policy due to an allergic reaction: A product may be returned if an allergic reaction to the product has been confirmed by AestheticA within 7 days of first use. If you believe you are experiencing an allergic reaction to a product, please contact the Center immediately at 608.831.4007 or 920.730.1309.



AestheticA will not refund any cost of services rendered if the client does not follow at-home treatment instructions or does not attend all follow-up appointments as prescribed by AestheticA Skin Health Center.


If you would like more information or are interested in nonsurgical cosmetic procedures, skin rejuvenation treatments or skin care products at AestheticA Skin Health Center, schedule a consultation or appointment at one of our Wisconsin office locations. Please call our Madison/Middleton office at 608.831.4007, or Appleton office at 920.730.1309.