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Latisse in Wisconsin

Barely There Eyelashes? Grow them with Latisse!

Some of us have always felt like our eyelashes are too short and thin; while others begin noticing their eyelashes are getting lighter in color or they’ve lost their fullness, getting shorter or thinning with age. Perhaps you’ve noticed some or all of these things about your eyelashes.  If you have, it’s time to consider using Latisse®.


Latisse Patient Courtesy Allergan


Latisse is the first and only science-based treatment approved by the FDA to enhance eyelash prominence as measured by increases in length, thickness and darkness of eyelashes. Manufactured by Allergan, Inc., the maker of the #1 non-surgical cosmetic treatment, Botox, and Juvéderm, an injectable dermal filler, Latisse is only available through a physician’s office. 


Latisse is aesthetically beneficial and safe. Bimatoprost, the active ingredient in Latisse was first approved in 2001 as a medical product to lower intraocular pressure in people with chronic glaucoma. Patients treated with bimatoprost for this specific eye condition experienced eyelash growth as a side effect. The long-term safety of bimatoprost has been well recognized through the therapeutic use of the ingredient and 13 years of clinical trial experience.


Latisse Patient Courtesy Allergan


This once-daily prescription treatment is applied to the base of the upper eyelashes. Longer, fuller and darker eyelashes can be noticed in as little as eight weeks, with full results achieved in 16 weeks. Continued treatment with Latisse is necessary to maintain the effects. If the application of this treatment is discontinued, eyelashes will gradually return to their original condition over a period of weeks to months.


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Latisse Patient Courtesy Allergan


Does latisse really work?

YES! Latisse topical solution is the first scientifically proven treatment that allows you to grow your natural lashes. The lashes grow gradually over time with some people beginning to see longer lashes in about four weeks, with full growth at 16 weeks. It does this by increasing the growth cycle phase of your eyelash hair cycle. To achieve the full effect of longer, fuller and darker lashes, you should use the product daily for 16 weeks.

Why pick Latisse over other lash enhancing products?

Latisse is the only FDA-approved product to grow lashes longer, fuller and darker. It has been studied for safety and efficacy and is available only by prescription. Latisse solution is an actual growth treatment. It’s the only treatment clinically proven to grow lashes. And it’s the only lash growth product of its kind.

What’s the advantage of Latisse being FDA approved?

Latisse has been studied and has passed FDA approval. There are controls in place in Latisse production because of the FDA regulation that ensures that the product you purchase is sterile and has the specified amount of active ingredient in it.

Can anyone use Latisse?

People with allergies to the ingredients in Latisse should not use this product. Also, people with eye pressure problems (elevated intraocular pressure in particular) and/or elevated risk factors for glaucoma should discuss this during your consultation before using Latisse. For more information on Latisse visit,

How do I get a Latisse prescription?

We require a brief consultation with one of our Medical Aesthetic Specialists prior to starting Latisse. This is to ensure you’re a good candidate for the product, as well as go through the directions and possible side effects with you. Since Latisse is a prescription product, you will fill out a short medical history form as part of the consultation process. After your consultation you can stop by during business hours to replenish your product as needed. 

What is the difference between a Latisse 5mL and 3mL size?

Latisse is manufactured and sold in two different volumes, but same sized bottles: 5ml = 10 weeks of Latisse application and the 3ml = 5 weeks of Latisse application. For beginners, two 5ml Latisse bottles allows you to reach your full natural lash potential (typically at or before 16 weeks, results can begin as early as around 6 weeks).

How do I apply Latisse?

We recommend Latisse to be applied each evening (ideally at least 30 minutes prior to bed) as part of your nightly routine. You should remove any makeup, clean the upper eyelids and remove contact lenses, if applicable. Then, using the single-use applicator brush provided in the package, one drop of Latisse is placed on the applicator brush and applied to the base of the upper eyelid lash margin (DO NOT APPLY in your eye or the lower lash line). The same process is repeated on the other eyelid using a fresh applicator brush to avoid cross contamination. Be careful not to allow the tip of the bottle or applicator to contact surrounding structures, products, fingers or any other unintended surface in order to avoid contamination by common bacteria that may cause infections. After applying, any excess fluid should be blotted off with a tissue.

*Contact lens wearers should not apply Latisse while wearing contact lenses. Latisse should be applied before inserting your contact lenses and you should wait at least 15 minutes after application before inserting your contact lenses or reframe from using your contacts all together once the product is applied.

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How soon will I see results?

Using Latisse to grow your lashes is gradual over time. Some may start to notice longer lashes after about a month and many should experience full results in approximately four months. Just like any cosmetic product individual results may vary. For best results, Latisse should be used once a day for 16 weeks. Using Latisse more than once a day will not grow your lashes faster or improve the effectiveness of the product.

What are the potential side effects?

Potential side effects include:

– Itchy, red eye or dry eyes (this can be decreased with proper use so that the solution does not get in the eyes)

– Darkening of the eyelids (this may go away after stopping the medication)

– Darkened brown pigmentation in the colored part of the eye known as the iris. For this reason, we always caution our light-eyed patients of this side effect before starting Latisse, as this side effect is likely to be permanent. 

– Hair growth around the eye area (this can also be decreased with proper use so that additional solution does not drip or run off the eyelashes onto the skin around the eyes)

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Will Latisse change my eye color?

Allergan, the manufacturers of Latisse, claim that while their original glaucoma treatment product, Lumigan (when applied directly to the corneas), could darken lightly colored eyes, when applied as directed to the top of the lids should not affect coloring of the eye. No patients in any of Allergan’s studies for Latisse reported alterations in their eye color. There is no evidence to suggest Latisse will change your eye color. Several million prescriptions for Latisse have been filled with no confirmed reports of iris pigmentation changes. It is considered a very rare side effect when this medication is used as a glaucoma medication when it is applied directly on the surface of the eyes. Side effects from the initial studies showed less than 4% of patients experience redness, irritation, and itching of the upper eyelid, which is reversed upon discontinuation. The eye is exposed to only a very small amount of Latisse when it is properly applied as directed to the upper eyelid margin using the supplied applicator. This has been demonstrated by applying a colored dye to the eyelid margin and watching its migration.

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What happens if I stop using Latisse?

Latisse is a product which needs to be maintained to maintain the results. Just like it takes some time for Latisse to work to grow lashes, if you stop using the product, your eyelashes will gradually return to their previous appearance over the course of several weeks to months. The new lashes that replace those lost each day will no longer be under the stimulus of Latisse and therefore will be the original length that your lashes naturally grow to.

What if I forget to apply or break my treatment cycle?

To obtain the best results for your eyelashes, Latisse should be applied routinely with consistency and precision. However, if you miss an application or a few, don’t try to catch up. You don’t want to double up on your treatments (this will not work to replace days missed). Just apply the Latisse treatment the next evening and restart your daily schedule.

Do I have to use Latisse forever?

Latisse is not permanent but it can last a long time. Patients often use it till they see the results they want and/or for the recommended 3-4 months when first using it. At that time, many patients go into what we refer to as a “maintenance phase” applying Latisse every two to three days to maintain their growth. Without a maintenance dose the lashes will return to the pre Latisse appearance.



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Latisse is offered at both of our AestheticA Skin Health Center office locations. To see if Latisse is right for you, please call our Middleton, WI office at 608.831.4007 or our Appleton, WI office at 920.730.1309 to schedule a consultation.