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ReGenica in Wisconsin

Regenica® is the only skin care line that contains Multipotent CCM Complex™–specifically formulated to reduce the appearance of environmental damage. Next-generation technology makes ReGenica an ideal choice for patients who prefer an easy-to-use growth factor skin care line.

AestheticA features the following ReGenica products:


NEW! Revitalizing Eye Crème

Formulated for the delicate area around the eye, Regenica® Revitalizing Eye Crème quickly softens the look of fine lines and wrinkles while reducing dark under eye circles and puffiness. It’s a revolutionary formulation of MRCx™ next generation growth factor technology with advanced peptides, powerful antioxidants, and superior moisturizing agents.

Recovery Gel

Regenica® Recovery Gel is a soothing balm used to help quickly heal damaged skin. Commonly used following injections treatments. This product combines MRCx™ next generation growth factor technology with natural anti-inflammatory and calming agents, including arnica, vitamin K, aloe vera, beta-glucan, and SymCalmin®.

Regenica Recovery Gel
Regenica Renew SPF 15

Renew SPF 15

Regenica Renew SPF 15 helps protect skin from harmful UV rays. It’s the only UV protectant formulated with MRCx™ next generation growth factor technology to signal your skin’s natural repair and renewal mechanisms.

Replenishing Crème

Regenica Replenishing Crème hydrates skin and helps reverse the signs of aging. The combination of MRCx™ next generation growth factor technology, powerful peptides, and advanced moisturizers replenishes what you lose over time. Nourish your skin and reveal your most radiant complexion.

Regenica Replenishing Creme
Regenica Repair Complex

Repair Complex

Regenica Repair Complex helps accelerate skin renewal. Made with MRCx™ next generation growth factor technology, it’s specifically formulated for sensitive skin. Help restore your skin to its optimal health.


ReGenica products are offered at our AestheticA Skin Health Center Middleton location. To see if ReGenica products are right for you, please call our Middleton, WI office at 608.831.4007 to schedule a consultation.